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Subject:  Re: West Is Best: Protected Lands Promote Jobs.. Date:  12/5/2012  8:18 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46635 of 114609

art:"I bet it wasn't before human intervention. Even Native American Indians might have started fires and burned off brush and killed native trees so there is no guarantee that what Europeans saw when the first arrived was what was there originally."

Dunno, but I doubt the Indians brought in invasive species like Kudzu.....

and more likely lightning sparked the big one down in south TX just last year or so...that burned tens of thousands of acres and a few hundred homes that were out in the 'woods'...


art:"I'm not just blaming Europeans because aboriginal peoples are guilty of changing ecosystems too. Humans can really do a number on an ecosystem, even worse than what Elephants do when they tearing up forests and trees. The reason Humans, even primitive humans, can interfere so severely in a natural ecosystem is because they can start and control fire."

Most indians didn't...but they weren't the greenies the eco-loons envision as they were....they stripped the land and moved on...Nomads.....when the herds moved, they moved.....when the food ran out, they moved...


art:"I've read books about what Australia was like before the Aborigines got there and they burned large swaths of land in the interior of Australia and turned a lot of formerly savannah grass/scrub area into pure desert. They also killed off a lot of large Marsupials when they go there."

There's millions and millions and millions of kangaroos.....and the still have forest fires in's a dry continent...!!! only certain parts are wet enough for farming. Most of the country is as dry as a bone...

Art:"I'd like to see what North America was like before man entered the picture, especially places that are now big cities."

Well, Washington DC was mostly a swamp....they filled it in. Same for much of Manhattan.....and you can go 100 miles north of NYC and be in 'wilderness'...and go 200 miles and be in the Adirondaks...where the only way in to most of it is backpacking, or canoeing. A million acres of wilderness.......

Those empty devoid cities probably looked like Union County TX where the people don't 20 miles out in the boonies from the roads...

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