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Subject:  Re: Climate Change Date:  12/5/2012  10:29 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46641 of 117503

lindylib:"Man will know in a LOT less than 1000 years. I think our children or our grandchildren will know. Almost certainly man will know by the beginning of the 22nd Century that we cannot feed ourselves let along the world. "

More than likely, it is about 20 years out till we are over the peak in world oil production and on the way down.

Food = energy...... energy means food. Less energy means less food. Simple. Less fuel to run tractors and have trucks haul things Less energy for ships to haul grain across oceans...... less and less...and it drops year after year after year relentlessly but the population climbs.

Someone will have to invent 'artificial' food grown in the lab, then made in giant factories using magic solar beans for energy......but is 'calories' and they have to come from usually the sun as it converts minerals and stuff into material that we can digest for the 'calories' (energy) they contain. Food is just an inefficient way to deliver 'energy' to the human body. It's the only way right now.

Maybe in 1000 years you'll be a Cyborg.....running off mostly electricity...from fusion reactors....

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