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Subject:  Re: Income Tax Revenue and Deficits Date:  12/6/2012  6:50 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  658517 of 876091

This is why I am so adamant that if there is going to be a tax increase, we should wait until *after* we balance the budget. If they won't balance the budget now, why should we believe that they will balance the budget later with more tax revenue? More money doesn't cure fiscal irresponsibility. Europe demonstrates this quite well. They have much higher tax revenue, and they are still running large deficits.

What I find funny in all of this, is that all of this is a sign that Obama actually does believe in the free market.
It is also a sign that most of the lib who support Obama believe in the free market.
They have no idea what it is. They think a free market can exist in the face of all they are doing and that it will cover them no matter what they do. It is not an unusual thing at all really. They believe something that is powerful and has worked before will work again, no matter how little attention they give it or how heavy a load that they want it to endure.
Every child has made this classic mistake and finally rendered untenable something they enjoyed.
This is why they can ignore someone as centrist as a Romney and believe they are a kook demanding so much more than is needed for recovery -- the free market will overcome whether it actually exists or not when they are done, no worries America always had a relatively free market and will always overcome, nothing different this time.

When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer
superstition ain't the way.

I wonder is Stevie told that to Obama at his coronation in 08.
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