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Subject:  Re: Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change Date:  12/6/2012  8:28 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  46647 of 116447

of course, the cost of keeping the Prius is likely at least $200 a month

The cost of keeping both cars, including insurance (as with all our insurance, we have a high deductible), registration, annual vehicle tax, maintenance, parking, tolls, occasional carwash, and gasoline is about $250/month, and the Prius costs less than half the total. Helps that one car is 10 yrs old and the other 5 yrs old.

Typically, we'd be starting to think about replacing the older car after 10 years, but the mileage is so low, plus we don't know if/when our current lifestyle will change in the nearish future.

Having driven both a mid-size SUV and minivan in the past, I understand the pleasure of sitting high up while driving, and I miss it, but not enough to buy such a vehicle in retirement.

You ever see what happens when a MG Midget gets crunched?

Why compare an SUV to a tiny subcompact as if that were the only alternative? Several mid-size cars compare very favorably to SUVs/minivans in terms of safety--and beat them in terms of gas mileage and cost to repair and insure.

alstro:"I'm not sure why so many people drive huge trucks & SUVs when they seldom, if ever, haul anything."
Sort of like you having two cars...and planning on keeping two because, well, one of them can be towed behind the RV...
Some have them to tow a boat...or load in the 3 kids and the soccer team...or haul all the stuff to the summer house.....
or haul the dogs around town....and some folks like the 'high up' ride they have.....or want 4 wheel or off road capability......

Nobody I know who owns a large SUV has to drive a whole soccer team(?!) or take stuff to a summer house or haul a large number of dogs around town at the same time. A few do take driving vacations, but most just like having the same kind of car that other people do (like Art said, fitting in).

I bought a CR-V because options were really few for a towable, automatic-shift car with good safety and reliability records and decent gas mileage that was well under the max weight towable by our RV! If DH had been driving something larger than a subcompact, I would've considered a Honda Fit, but like I said, with 2 cars, we like them to be different types and we already had one subcompact. I'm not sure I'd want a subcompact as our only car, unless gasoline gets a lot more expensive.
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