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Subject:  Re: Sandbagged, but not upset Date:  12/6/2012  10:45 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  658535 of 794675

That's what I was thinking. You have one guy working as both Cubmaster and (current) Committee Chair? How long do his kids remain in Cub Scouts? There's a good chance that when that time is up, the new Committee Chair will also become the new Cubmaster.

His kids are my age. He has someone in the Pack (grandkid maybe?) but basically has been with the pack for nearly its entire existence. The pack was founded in March of 1977, so the pack is older than I am (I was born in December of 1977). He put all his boys through it, was with the pack for awhile, left, came back a few years later and was shocked to see how much it had changed in his absence (basically all the committee structures he put in place disappeared). So he is rebuilding them.

Most packs don't last 35 years. They burn out after 12 or so on average. So really this pack has lasted about three-times as long as it would be expected to. Not to mention that the area of Ann Arbor we're in is one of the lower income parts with lots of apartments so while it is more stable than the student areas it isn't as stable as the rich side of town.

The pack is just muddling along at this point. It's a shadow of what it once was (over 100 cub scouts in the earlier days, 25 or so now) but smaller does help in some ways (less expenses) but hurts in others (less income, fewer parents to volunteer).

Yeah, I have a feeling I'll be doing a LOT of work for the pack. Stuff that larger packs can delegate will be hard to delegate as... well, who would I delegate it to? I'm the only Tiger Cub parent (other than the Den Leader) who has volunteered for anything yet. There aren't many of us to volunteer (only five or six Tiger Cubs, one hasn't been to the last several meetings).