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Subject:  Re: Sandbagged, but not upset Date:  12/6/2012  11:57 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  658545 of 876392

Yep...most 'clubs' run out of volunteers after a few years..

I was Pres and VP of the Plano radio burned out after 3 years and passed on the job to other volunteers...the club has enough people to keep things going. That was 18 years ago...... now it is more 'social' than technical...... but they got lots of families involved and young folks.

I'm the current Pres of another club.....that puts out newsletter. The guy who does the quarterly newsletter and the membership has declined so much in the past 10 years that we are going to close it down. only a few members live in the area and most get the newsletter by mail...and with the internet, there really isn't much reason for a quarterly newsletter and articles. Next month it will be formally shut down. It's a 501C organization. Had a good 20 year run.

I was also VP of another radio club for 2 years....had to come up with programs...which was not always easy...but we managed...but after 2 years you run out of your ideas.... it's still going but only a handful make it run. Once a month meetings....and depending on the program, from 12 to 35 show up.

The local accordion club is doing OK...we have monthly meeting..and from 15 to 40 show up. The big deal is the annual convention which brings in over 200 people from around the country.....other than that, we don't even put out a newsletter....... the club in Austin is fading away...the Ft Worth club is fading away......not enough new folks to keep it going and the oldsters are coming less and less.

My parents assisted with dad volunteered a lot in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts helping out on camp outs and mom helped the Den Mother.....I was in Scouts for years and years....until high school when other things got my interest.... went to Scout Camp two summers....(relatively cheap)..... I don't think they were ever the head gurus though....

but if you've got kids, you're likely to put in some time 'helping out'.....running things is a bit more than most parents want to do.....they don't need the added stress, and you've always got the libs with big ideas and few brains trying to tell you how to do everything..... and with the so much PC crap these's probably hard to get anything done.

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