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Subject:  Re: Sandbagged, but not upset Date:  12/6/2012  12:13 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  658547 of 876389

they don't need the added stress, and you've always got the libs with big ideas and few brains trying to tell you how to do everything..... and with the so much PC crap these's probably hard to get anything done.

That's one thing about this town... most of the libs are so militant that they'd never bother with Cub Scouts anyhow. I remember several years back they got the local United Way to stop supporting the Scouts over the anti-homosexuality scandal (it has since been re-added, quietly perhaps). So while liberal interference is possible it actually is less likely due to the polarization. They just don't want anything to do with us. Such is life.

If there are any uber libs in the group they've made a tactical error in not volunteering before I did. Liberal indoctrination will NOT be on the agenda as long as I'm in charge of the agenda. Cleaning up a park is one thing, but praying to Mother Earf won't be part of it. These kids want to have fun, not be told that they're killing the planet, meat is murder, guns are evil, etc. You can learn to respect the natural environment without having to be told that the Internal Combustion Engine is the devil (ala High Priest AlGore). I put my kid in Cub Scouts to get him AWAY from all that stuff, like hell I'll be helping instill any of it!
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