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Subject:  Re: Kinda OT: Opinions on what kinda computer to Date:  12/6/2012  12:40 PM
Author:  ByrneShill Number:  63100 of 64109

As far as I'm concerned, computers for consumers have more or less become commodities.

Personnaly, I prefer laptops for my own needs. I can carry them around and since I don't need that much CPU I don't really need a desktop. They offer as many options as desktop nowadays (HDMI, usb, whatnot). You could plug just about anything in the laptop that you could plug into the desktop (including the big MS keyboard). But lemme tell you that once you'll start walking around the house with the laptop, you probably won't ever jack it up to the 21 inchers, the big keyboard or anything. Personnaly I keep 3 wireless mices around the house and whenever I need one, I can just grab one. I can use the mousepads but I prefer using a mouse, and since they're cheap and they all work with the same wireless dongle, I use a real mouse when there's one around.

Also, keep in mind that even though both laptops and desktops use "3rd gen i7", they are definitely not the same chips. If you don't need much processing power (it seems to be your case), then definitely go for the laptop. The tradeoff between laptop and desktop is really one of resources (CPU power, RAM, HD, screen size) for desktop vs mobility for laptop. The thruth is that if you use them for Excel, outlook surfing the web, and watching videos (I have no cable or satellite either, I get my entertainment from the internet), then just about any computer will be powerfull enough. Most people I know buy laptops for their personnal computers and wouldn't switch back to desktop.

What I do, personnaly, is that I buy the cheapest laptop at staples or future shop (usually they are HP or samsung) and I wear them out until they literraly break apart. My last one was a nice Core2 Duo that died to a 5 storey drop from my apartment balcony. The thing costed 500$ plus taxes and lasted 4 years, traveled 11 time zones and went through 2 car crashes.

As for prices: