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Subject:  Re: Tea-bagging CEO Suddenly Sorry for Teabaggin Date:  12/6/2012  1:22 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46657 of 116438

No...his only mistake was publicly talking about cutting back hours.

Other companies are doing it across the board. Usually by not hiring any 'full time 'workers any more. just hiring part time. In a short time, when others turn over...there won't be but a few management type full time employees and most of the work force part time.

IF you look at the restaurant sector, most of the sector suffered loss of business.

I know the restaurants I visit are down in attendance. First you've got the holidays. And company parties and events. Then you've got money going to presents and gifts and big dinners at home. Next your into winter weather that slows things down.

SOme restaurants doing fine. The Old Pancake House is always busy......the local Red Lobster and Olive Garden are always packed, and Furrs has lines out the door most evenings and really out the door on weekends.

Then again, we have a 'good economy' here in TX....

Chuckle all you want...but obviously, if sales are down, fewer people are going to be working there, making less money.....and I'm sure you'll be delighted for them because of the comments the CEO happened to make.

Right? That's what you seem to be saying! Rejoice! Darden workers laid off, and making less money in tips......because folks get slammed for 'speaking out in public'.

Typical libs...celebrating freedom....

I bet you cheered for the union workers and the silly 'work rules' at HOstess all the way into bankruptcy, too.......

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