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Subject:  My living room is full Date:  12/6/2012  2:04 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  658564 of 835589

As usual apartment living is stressing me out lately. This time it has a helping from the holidays, technology and FedEx.

My last paycheck was large. Huge. Largest I've ever had. We needed a new TV with HDMI and Woot was selling a 42" refurbed JVC (LCD) for $349.99 plus $5 shipping. No tax of course, $354.99 out the door. I hemmed, I hawed, then put in the order. It's a lot of money but it was a heck of a deal on something we can actually really use for a long time to come.

That was 11/28. In the meantime we needed a new entertainment center because the TV I had just purchased wouldn't come close to fitting the one we had. The one we had (have, ahem, you'll see) is forever old. It was Kelly's grandparents, and they've been dead for a few years now. It's heavy as hell (solid oak!) but nice looking, lots of storage but is HUGE. Yeah, ironically it's huge but the hole is too small for flat screens. So we went to the PTO thrift store and found a tiny entertainment center we could put the TV on for a whopping $8. Well, considering it would cost at least $100 in the stores I bought that in a heartbeat! That was Sunday. I spent the rest of that day clearing out the old center, moving it out of the way (in to the half of the living room