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Subject:  Re: DeMinty Sees Hand Writing on the Wall. Date:  12/6/2012  2:07 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  658565 of 876360

Not all of them. There's a reason why Jesus called us sheep... and he wasn't paying us a compliment either. Most people just go with the flow, which explains why people just conform to the norm because sticking out makes you unpopular.

Sorry Wolvie, I know you disagree, but all of them

It is one thing to go with the flow, it is another to know you are being lied to and perpetuating lies.

There is simply no way anyone claiming to be a lib does not actively know they were lied to on a number of occasions and still maintains their identity? That makes them not good people.

You can vote with the libs and not self identify as one, You can be a democrat and a good person, you can vote for Obama and be a good person

But being a liberal you are an active part of a credo that requires lying to maintain itself

There are a number of issues that would cause folks of good will to step away

Candy Crowley's active lying in the debate
Susan Rice's active lying regarding Benghazi
Harry Reid's active lying regarding Romney's tax returns
You want to take it back to the behaviour regarding Bush? The lies endorsed, accepted and repeated ? It went past disagreement to abject dishonesty.
Heck in almost all cases they have redefined Reagan as well as Carter

there is a required active component to being a liberal that does not ad can not coexist with being a person of good will

This ignore small political things like trashing Romney's wife and the unbelievable double standard one must not only accept but endorse and live by to be actively liberal

I can accept folks being wrong and being of good will. I can accept people being ill informed and being of good will. The above were outright and outrageous lies, and allowing them in any way takes you past a point where you can do it and be a good person.
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