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Subject:  Re: Sandbagged, but not upset Date:  12/6/2012  2:21 PM
Author:  decath Number:  658570 of 875666

If there are any uber libs in the group they've made a tactical error in not volunteering before I did. Liberal indoctrination will NOT be on the agenda as long as I'm in charge of the agenda. Cleaning up a park is one thing, but praying to Mother Earf won't be part of it. These kids want to have fun, not be told that they're killing the planet, meat is murder, guns are evil, etc. You can learn to respect the natural environment without having to be told that the Internal Combustion Engine is the devil (ala High Priest AlGore). I put my kid in Cub Scouts to get him AWAY from all that stuff, like hell I'll be helping instill any of it!

Man, I tell you....scouts was the best thing for me when I was in elementary school and JH. My dad did not give a squat about me and spent zero time with me. In fact the only time I was with him was painful, physically and mentally.

So scouts was the 1st time I was involved with men who were effective leaders, good role models and who just flat out cared. The camping trips, the merit badge mentoring are imbedded into my memory in a very postive, special way.

I remember the 1st week long summer camp. I learned to ride a horse, canoe, shoot a bow, shoot a .22 rifle and many survival skills. It was a blast.

Unfortunately by HS in my small town, the interest dwindled down to nothing and the program was nonexistant at that level. Nobody was going to drive me to the next town so I could work on becoming an Eagle Scout, which had great interest for me.

But what I did, I'll have forever and I really believe it was the scouts that gave me the work ethic and displine to move positively on towards life instead of getting into trouble because of my crappy homelife.

For the homosexuals, feminists and athiests out there that have a problem with the scouts, you need to really think about what you are apposing. There are probably millions of men with similiar experiences since scouting began early in the 20th century.

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