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Subject:  Re: DeMinty Sees Hand Writing on the Wall. Date:  12/6/2012  2:55 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  658577 of 876046

We're talking about two different things. I'm not referring to the brain-dead rabble that inhabit these boards. I'm referring to those whose default setting is liberal becuase they just want to get along.

Oh yes, I am talking politically liberal, not socially.

I am in NY, I find most folks to be of good will, and most vote the liberal agenda.

The folks who have no idea and blindly stumble along, they are all honestly 'in play'.

That's is why I argue so vehemently against the doomsday whoa all it lost scenario.

I think we need nothing more than a very bright light, and the ability to grab folks by the hair and prop their eyes open making them look at what liberalism is, not just see what liberals claim.

Folks do not want what is being done. They think there is no choice. It ain't so. But they have no idea of the choice they are making

those actively liberal are making that so. Some of them appear to be OK, say Rev Bill, but they are not, because they actively support stuff they know to be lies. That is essentially my point. And there are many Rev Bill's willing to know they are lying but who get something out of it, so are willing to sacrifice others for what they want.

I think many are willing to just get what they want or which accept which side is better for them, because both sides are equal. That is just not the truth, though what actively lying libs want all to believe, and again, being an active liar and a good person are mutually exclusive.
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