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Subject:  Wife may beat me Date:  12/7/2012  11:14 AM
Author:  FordLove Number:  42011 of 42475

Séamus, our 3 year old, jumped on me while I was sitting on the couch looking the other way. He got me good.

Well, I sort of said
"Ack, your like a Ninja!"

He doesn't know what a Ninja is, but he likes the sound of it. Now he things it is fun to jump on people and say "I'm like a Ninja!"

Now, I'm a big nerd. This isn't getting old for me.

But my wife isn't. Our 4 1/2 month old has a wicked cold that we adults are still fighting. So she is lacking sleep. Ninjas are not what she wants in her life right now. Séamus just got over the cold, he had it pretty bad too. While he still has the cough, he is now in that "I feel much better!" phase that has him bouncing off the walls.

He is also getting excited for Santa and his goats. I tell him they are reindeer, but he says 'No, they are goats'

The wife was getting concerned about Ellie so she called. They told her to put breastmilk up her nose to ease the cold. Seems to have worked. It just didn't seem like anything that a doctor would have told her. They didn't want to see her, but would if my wife needed her to be seen. Everyone in the area has this right now so they could take care of it over the phone.

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