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Subject:  more carpentry advice :-) Date:  12/7/2012  11:51 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  123290 of 137290

I cleared away all the stuff on the wall where my cabinets are going to go. Swept up the floor. Took some measurements (e.g. concrete stem plus baseboard is 7" above floor).

Standing there looking at it I realized I do have a bit of a dilemma. I had not planned to put a back on the cabinets. The back is going to be the wall. So how do I mount them? I'll be using sheets of 3/4" ply, and the wall in question is block. Toe-nailing is probably both impractical, and ill-advised.

My present thought is to mount some backer strips (the baseboard sticks out about 1/2" anyway, so it would be better if I put up a strip to provide a reasonably straight surface). I would have to figure out how to mount them to concrete block walls (maybe red-heads?). Then I would need to use wood glue (a bead all the way along the length) and some sort of strap to secure the ply to the strip.

The shelves should be easier. Just need to rout channels in the vertical ply and then slide the shelves into the channels (with a bead of wood glue, of course). But I need to make sure the whole thing is solidly attached to the block wall lest it fall over onto one of the cars. That would be bad.

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