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Subject:  Re: DeMinty Sees Hand Writing on the Wall. Date:  12/8/2012  7:40 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  658847 of 876060

You should understand that I believe there are some things that government does very well.Insuring a minimum retirement income is one. Running a single-payer healthcare system is another.
Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, both have about 80 trillion in unfunded liabilities. In the UK, the model Obamacare was built on, "the crown jewel" patients are drinking out of vases and giving birth in supply closets the care is so bad.
I would abandon the Democrats in a heart beat for a party which was socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Currently the two parties have a stranglehold on the election process. That will have to change first.
Yada, yada, yada, if it wasn't for republicans war on women i'd be a republican. Yawn. If you're voting on social issues when we're in this bad of financial shape you'll be a democrat until you die, and any claims to the contrary insults the intelligence of everyone here.

The inconsistency of what the clown you are speaking with says is awe inspiring

However, I can agree. If the government could be fiscally responsible while providing health care for everyone and a retirement for everyone I would be more pro big government.

This is a little like Tele saying if God came down every few weeks and balanced my checkbook and made regular deposits to my bank account I would believe in him, as long as he didn't expect any of that faith jazz.
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