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Subject:  Re: Climate Change Date:  12/8/2012  5:27 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  46695 of 73764

<<As I'm just always impressed with the hubris of human beings on the amount of control or the managing of climate.

And people were sure we could never pollute rivers and oceans because, well, you know, they are just so big.


As usual, Goofyhoofy accepts whatever someone spoon feeds hiom as long as it's called "science."

What Goofyhoofy ought to recognize is that anytime science and politics intersect, truth may be a csualty of that conflict.

Just as an example, environmentalists used the Spotted Owl to eliminate tens of thousands of family wage jobs in rural and small town Oregon and Washington, and gained control over millions of acres of public and private lands.

This was