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Subject:  Re: Wells and well pumps Date:  12/9/2012  11:47 AM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  123311 of 137216

Also, I'd like to determine approximately how much electrictiy I'll use per month with the pump running continuously.

It's a 25' deep well. That's pretty shallow - can it keep up with even 1.5 gallons/min if you run it continuously for months? (1.5 * 60 * 24 = 2160 gallons each day.)
that isn't as bad as I was thinking - but now I'm thinking about whether 1.5gpm (90gph) is really enough for a water feature - that's not a lot of water flowing - I'm not sure it'll give the desired water-fall effect.
Maybe run a hose from your house to a mock-up of what you want - adjust the flow until you see about what you want.
Then grab a 5 gallon bucket and time how long it takes to fill the bucket.

If you're going to run it continuously, I'd think a pump drawing from the pond makes more sense.
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