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Subject:  Re: New Car advice Date:  12/10/2012  12:47 PM
Author:  eudaimon6 Number:  69654 of 73176

1. There are lots of variables that go into determining what a dealer is willing to take for a vehicle. With that having been said, there is nothing directly tied to inventory level that dictates that number. You just have to make an offer or ask for a number from the dealer and see where it gets you. It is handy that there are two Acura dealers conveniently located for you.

2. This is an more complicated question.
A. Any changes between model years?
B. How do you feel about the color/trim/equipment of this exact car? An Acura TSX starts at around $30K. If I'm going to spend thirty or forty thousand dollars on a car, then I am going to start caring a lot about getting what I want. Things that don't matter at all when I'm buying straightforward transportation start to matter quite a bit when I'm buying a luxury item.
C. How much money difference are you talking about?
D. Will you keep this one 14 years also? Resale becomes less important, but you could always experience a total loss and have to deal with insurance. Your insurance company is going to see the 2012 as a two year old vehicle here shortly.
E. How long has it really been sitting? Cars that sit on lots for a year or more end up with early battery failure. Tires flat-spot.
F. What do you think you can buy a 2012 Acura with ten thousand miles for?
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