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Subject:  Re: Thermostat w/ Remote Sensor Date:  12/10/2012  3:01 PM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  123320 of 137369

Plus I'm not sure how all this fancy stuff works but I think wireless is what allows you to monitor the system over the internet.
I believe there are thermostats that connect to the internet - but that's not what was linked above - nor what the OP was asking about.
"wireless" in this case is just simply that it's using some kind of radio wave communication to talk between the thermostat and the 'equipment interface module'

When you say Thermostat w/remote sensor it throws me off. I'm not sure they make any house stats that are "remote" or at least remote in the sense I was thinking.
Here's the link to one again:

It has an equipment interface module (wires connect from it to the furnace and AC)
And a separate "FocusPro Wireless thermostat"

Personally, wireless seems like another link to be weak (like if on vacation in the dead of winter).
If you're concerned that the batteries in the remote thermostat could fail while on vacation, there is an option for a return-air sensor to keep it above 62'F for heating, below 82'F for cooling.
(page 3 of install guide: )

I'd probably go with a 'dial-the-phone-if-the-temperature-is-too-cold' device - then you get notified if you lose power completely, or the gas for the furnace goes out, or ...

There's a number of them available - I found at least 2 under $80 - there are many with various different features (call 1 number, call multiple numbers, etc)
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