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Subject:  Re: Consolidating Mortgages Date:  12/11/2012  8:50 AM
Author:  kook79 Number:  124462 of 128866


Thanks for all of your comments. I have 4 rental properties and my wife has 1 with a shared principla residence. This year, I've been attempting to refinance all of the rental properties and my main mortgage to try and make them cash flow better. One property is especially sticky. I have a rental that brings in 1250 a mont in rent but I am paying a fixed rate 7.5% int only for 10 years and then principal is getting added for a 20 year loan, for a total of 30 years. The payment right now is $1,436 and will bump up $600 in the next 2 - 3 years. I so want out of this loan and the tenet's are long term renters so it wouldn't be best to try and sell it. Here is a break down.

Primary House 1: int rate was 5.75/30 now 4.175/20
Rental 1: 5.175/20 (refinanced 3 years ago)
Rental 2: 7.25/30 now 4.5/30
Rental 3: 7.5/30 10 iti becomes 7.5/20 piti
Rental 4: 5.5/30
Rental 5: 5.75/30

I also cannot purchase any more rental properties as I have reached my limit and some banks will not let me refinance becuase I have exceeded my limit on rental properties. If I want to purchase more rental properties, then I need to do something with the 4 that I have and the 1 that my wife has.

Thank you all again for your input.
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