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Subject:  Re: Pat Buchanan: Conservative Discontent Date:  12/11/2012  5:33 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  659490 of 875671

This begs the question, though: is there someone not patently crazy who can lay out a clear, specific set of ideas that is moderate voters might find appealing as an alternative? I don't like our two party system, but if we have to live with that reality then the country is generally better off when both parties have some control at the national level. Republicans are only hanging onto the House at the moment and the last election suggests to me that the trend does not favor them in the future. So where is the credible alternative?

The problem I see is that voters chose Dems. Therefore the Dems need to present a credible alternative. If they can not then the demonized Ryan plan will make a major league comeback.

Folks are writing off the only reasonable choices because they have been rejected, not because they are not moderate as can be practicable

Folks have been lied to that there are less dramatic paths. Those paths simply have to either be shown or to be shown as just lies

Lots of folks deny reality until it slaps them a couple of times. It is still reality even if they deny it, at some point they stop demanding reality not be reality and act rationally.

Until then, you can ask for alternative and demand them and hold your breath until you turn blue. Ryan's plan was quite moderate, in fact likely too moderate. that it was rejected doesn't mean we need something better. Sometimes there is simply only worse or as good, and perception ahs to change.

Lots of folks for reasons beyond me, feel that perception can not change. I am not sure why
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