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Subject:  Its like magic Date:  12/11/2012  7:00 PM
Author:  qazulight Number:  411082 of 538762

"If can conceive it and believe it, he can achieve it."

Sounds corny. It is put out by a feel good self help guru. But, it keeps proving true.

It was less than 4 years ago that I looked into powering my square stern Grumman canoe with a troll motor and a battery. When I did the research I found that a lead acid battery was too heavy, in fact I could buy a 2 HP outboard and it and the gas would be lighter than the battery alone.

So I looked into the Li-Ion. There was really nothing there. Today I am going to have to re-power my mothers golf cart. She uses it to get around her yard. (About and acre and quarter with about a 20 foot rise from the lake to the house) I priced these batteries at Sam's.

They are about 600 dollars for a set. Just out of curiosity I did a Google search for Li-ion batteries for golf carts and came up with this list.

I checked out this website:

and found these batteries for 1800 dollars.

Now the difference of 3 times the price may seem steep. But, the Lead Acid batteries are only 20 amp hour batteries and the Li-ions are 40 amp hour batteries. Additionally the lead acids are good for less than 300 charge discharge cycles and the Li-ions are good for at least 3000 cycles. For a commercial operation, the Li-ions are the best choice. For my mom, the lead acids still get the call.

While I was looking at the site, I found marine batteries.

A quick Google search, ok, it wasn't that quick, showed that a 30 pound trust trolling motor would be perfect for a canoe like want. That motor will consume about 30 amps at full power, pushing the canoe about 4 mph. Plenty fast.

With a 1000 dollars worth of batteries and a 200 dollar trolling motor, or better yet, probably a free trolling motor, and I have 2 hours of range, and less than 50 pounds in equipment.

This is what I was looking for 4 years ago, it is here today.

Like magic.

So, why isn't this post marked off topic?

What we think we need and cannot have, is often in the labs today. Rather than focus on the trajectory we are on, we should focus on what it takes to get us where we wish to be and invest in that.

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