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Subject:  TMF virus vulnerable? Date:  12/12/2012  6:30 AM
Author:  tpault Number:  182904 of 197858

According to a website related to the trojan Topic Torch, the hijacking spyware attaches itself to weakly protected websites.

I have noticed that the topic torch hijacker only appears on TMF website, and a couple others. That's why in another thread I asked if it is a TMF thing.

The hijacker disguises itself in plain site as being related to the weakly protected website you are on. For instance, if on TMF, the faux search bar has links for penny stocks, stock market quotes, purchasing stocks, etc. But then if you actually use the search window, it merely hijacks your browser and takes you to rogue websites that pay Topic Torch to misdirect traffic there.

I asked in the other thread if anyone would share a trusted site for free spyware detection and removal, but no takers to that check yet. I apologize if coming to this help site and asking for help with finding a reputable spyware removal site, is like pulling teeth.

Microsoft's free spyware removal didn't detect it and in fact, after reading other complaints on the web, the spyware appears as though it may be attached to Microsoft updates.

Anyway, I don't know if the hijacker takes advantage of vulnerable websites and leeches onto places like TMF as this site suggests, or not:

Quote from website: "Moreover, the toolbar is added immediately to vulnerable websites that modifies their appearance in a way that makes them less useful both to site owner and visitors.

That website goes on to suggest that website owners like TMF may need to do a site wide removal:

"You may need to get rid of Topic Torch virus as a website owner or computer administrator. In any case, use free scan tool here in order to resolve the issue of the removal of Topic Torch virus"

Paul T.
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