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Subject:  Re: split residency Date:  12/12/2012  6:43 AM
Author:  inparadise Number:  7993 of 8480


LOL. And very useful. I feel as though I owe you a consultation fee. ;-)

Definition [1] seems to be inapplicable because your son will be residing with your spouse in Pennsylvania and gradutating from a Pennsylvania high school.


2. Residence — for more than half the year, the person must have the same residence as you do.


Mere physical presence or residence primarily for educational purposes will not confer domiciliary status.

By the time Youngest is a senior, the only reason DH will put off retiring and us moving to VA is to allow Youngest to graduate from the school system he is in currently, which is an excellent one that he loves. They will be in PA at that point for educational purposes, DH continuing to work to pay for that privilege. We hope even to have sold the house before he starts senior year and renting an apartment. So if Youngest is in PA for schooling, in VA with me during vacations, just like kids who head out to boarding school do not reside with their parents for more than half the year, does that time count towards residency?

Truthfully, this is for the most part an intellectual exercise, because there is no way I see myself being away from DH that long, but at the same time it is good to know our options. It has been a very useful exercise simply from the POV that I now know we can re-categorize residency when we move there.

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