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Subject:  PA housekeeping Date:  12/12/2012  8:59 AM
Author:  goofnoff Number:  1844193 of 2204116

Didn't Lurker Mom once say she was union?

I haven't read her in years but it seems I remeber a post she did talking about how the Republicans really represented rank and file values.

The Michigan law will end unions in Michigan, except police and firement who they exempted. Now that's interesting. Unions can only bargain with management if they can strike. Management can scab out any strike in a right to work state. That's why you have closed shops.

We're three generatiosn removed from the day when there was no forty hour work week, time and a half, paid vactions, or in fact all the things the current generation takes for granted. Those rights exist only because unions levered the plutocrats in to giving those benefits. I expect, in another generation, to see those rights all but disapear for average workers. Even now employers fire at will without any justification except in the few remaining union jobs.

Enjoy your Republican world. Glad i lived at a time where working folks still had some leverage.
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