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Subject:  Re: Pat Buchanan: Conservative Discontent Date:  12/12/2012  9:48 AM
Author:  decath Number:  659604 of 876350

When Democrats lost the house, they still controlled the senate and the presidency. In contrast, the Republicans were shut out of all 3 and now are only hanging onto 1. I find it hard to believe this state of affairs is satisfactory to the people who run the party. But absent something that credibly appeals to a wider segment of the voting populace, it isn't clear to me how things will change. I actually look forward to see what the Republican party comes up with. I think it is better to have divided governmnent where both sides have to compromise and are kept honest by the other side. I suppose that the party could simply be waiting to see what message one or more of its members proves to be successful and then adopt some of it.

At the very least, you will see a move to attract Hispanics. Hispanics are generally pretty conservative and trend more socially conservative than whites. So the Republican party will have a challenge.

How do you attract Catholic Hispanics without being labeled 'women haters' and 'homophobic' by the media and the left? I dunno.

One strategy that could work for the Republicans is going all out fiscal conservative, stop the nation building and punt moderate to liberal on abortion and gay issues. Remain 2nd amendment rights.

That could work but it threatens to lose the conservative Christian vote. There are millions of Christians that absolutely refuse to vote for a 'pro-choice' politician. Where they would go, I dunno.

If the Republicans go any more moderate, they will just be Democrat light and lose millions of voters to 3rd parties.

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