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Subject:  Re: amazon's best read of the yr. Date:  12/12/2012  11:32 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  659641 of 875709

"That fishing boat thing sounds good. Not your weather though. Wasn't it great being young and making all those memories." - catmeyoo

Yes it was. I suspicion that is the whole point of life. I remember reading a quote online that said something to the effect of "never forget how beautiful you were when you were young." Memories.

I think that may be what our afterlife is made up of, the things we loved and "bound" in life. But not just our own memories; we'll have access to all the memories of the entire universe. I think it's a holographic universe connectedness oneness thing. Sort of like being connected to the entire internet for the entire universe in our consciousness.

excerpt from Mark H's NDE:
"Suddenly I thought of a mountain, I had seen as a child. When I looked up from the road there it was; The Mountain! Not just the mountain! But the most breathtaking mountain I had ever seen! Details the likes of which no one could imagine. Colors shades of color, shadows for which there are no words in the human language to describe it."'s_nde.htm

"I could have hired you as a page (they made good money at SFPL) and you could have earned a little traveling money before heading off for Seattle, and we could have flirted on and off all day long while never shirking our duty of course." - catmeyoo

Wouldn't that have been fun? Flirting while working was fun. When I managed the animal facilities I tried real hard not to do it since I was married. I tried to keep everything on the up and up, no off comments, no sexual harrassment, but some of the young girls were flirty and it was difficult not to flirt back. Not to smile or sit and talk too much but just keep my mind on the work we had to do. One cute little redheaded girl that worked for me showed me a tattoo she'd gotten down below her waist-pant's line and she just rolled down her pants and showed it off to me. I bet my face turned bright red. It was down around her groin area. Whew!

Now I'm old and shot. Arthritis, my get up and go has pretty much got up and went. I can still get around and do stuff but I'm not driven like I was. I just finished making some banana pudding with instant pudding, whole milk, Nabisco vanilla wafers, and two sliced bananas. I also made some homemade pimento cheese with no added sugar because my wife tries not to eat sugar and she won't eat artificial sugar either. Then I loaded the dishwasher with all the gooey dishes and started it because it's easier than trying to wash all that stuff by hand.

That's my life now. Stuck in Tennessee and I'm not going anywhere.

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