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Subject:  Re: split residency Date:  12/12/2012  12:52 PM
Author:  Watty56 Number:  7995 of 8480

Whatever you do just be sure that you do it right and keep good records.

When I was in college I knew a senior who was getting ready to graduate and he had used an uncle's house as his mailing address to get in state tuition in a blatant plan to scam the collage out of paying out of state tuition. Part of the process at that college is when you were getting a degree was that they reviewed your records then to make sure that everything was in order. They decided to audit his and basically told him that if he wanted to get a diploma that he pay up four years of out of state tuition, and probably some other fees.

He was in a bad situation since he did not have the money, couldn't get a student loan, had probably missed out on some financial aid, and would likely have any job offer rescinded.

I was not real close with him and he was a few years ahead of me. It had not been resolved by the time that I went home for the summer and I never heard how it finally turned out.


As a side note they also check for things like parking tickets. My wife and her younger sister shared a car in college and her sister had lots of parking tickets with the car. Apparently she thought that since the campus police were not "real" police and she never heard anything when she did not pay her first few tickets that nothing would happen if she kept parking illegally and getting more tickets. My wife was the older sister and her name was listed. She graduated first and had to pay a LOT for the parking tickets in order to graduate.
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