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Subject:  Re: PA says no state exchange for Obamacare Date:  12/12/2012  6:11 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  1844489 of 2203971

the feds are pushing a 'pig in a poke' plan with no details.

The states are saying 'no thanks'....

The job of setting up the web site required by the feds is typically takes 2-3 years to implement, and the feds demand it in less than a year, fully functional...and fully compliant to rules that don't exist yet, and likely will be changing every two months from now till Jan 2014.

You'd have to be an idiot to try and design massive computerized systems to specs that don't exist .......

and where you'll be 'penalized' bazillions of dollars for non-compliance in the event you don't get there in time.

plus, who knows how much the states will be 'gored' with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of extra expenses, hidden somewhere in the fine print, or the print yet to appear!....... and how many thousand new employees they'd have to be 'ready' for it to work. WHole departments just to answer the phone questions.....hundreds to respond to emails.

Maybe they should have all read all the details before they actually 'passed it'. huh?

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