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Subject:  Re: Good Grief! A Saddle On A Dinosaur? Date:  12/13/2012  12:51 AM
Author:  FreethinkerKW Number:  414650 of 507020

You know, that's an outstanding idea.

Atheists could start a fund, like a legacy fund, just for this type of mind-frack operation.

We slowly buy up pieces of prime land outside of Lowest Common Denominator sh]tholes and outbacks where intelligence is frowned upon, and then we erect permanent billboards across the street from say Westboro Baptist Church, or this Creation Museum, or outside the borders of Texas and other red states which are "takers" filled with Teavangies types. Then you have your way with them using these billboards.

Let’s take that Creationist Museum. You could erect a billboard showing infographics of an ark which would have had no refrigeration for holding carnivores’ meals, which would have needed an exercise yard for the inmates, which would have had only a few humans to shovel sh]t for two of every animal for 40 days and 40 nights, who would have had to ensure than not one animal died because there were only two, and the whole propagation of each species depended on Noah's family being the best veterinarians of the highest order, that the whole collection of every species would have depended on Noah and his family being able to sail to all 7 contintents so that they could collect millions of bugs, fish, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates, etc., in cages which they would have to ship back to Noah, Inc. Oh, and don’t forget the time element in collecting all the species, including dinosaurs.

Could we have some fun with that?

You’d have to make the billboards out of ½ inch thick steel because Jesus Freaks would be shooting at them every time they passed by in their pickups after picking up a six pack at the Mini-Mart. (Perhaps we could angle them so that we’d have a chance of a ricochet thinning the herd with a Darwin Award.)

Comedy would be a great weapon on these billboards.

And the messages could change monthly.

The legacy fund could begin with the idea of building say a few million dollars before buying the first piece of land. Those millions are invested in something which throws off a safe yield and you compound the interest. You make this non-profit's legacy fund invest in companies which respect the environment, whose CEOs believe in Climate Change and science and research and development, in uplifting technologies, not technologies which destroy species of animal and plant life. As the legacy fund grows, you buy land, you erect billboards. You hold online competitions for wittiest sayings, each member of the legacy fund gets one vote.

Majority rules for each billboard message outside a black hole of stupidity.

I would bet you could find thousands of Atheists who are down with your idea.
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