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Subject:  Returning to Wow Date:  12/13/2012  3:35 AM
Author:  TheCrusader Number:  34979 of 37099

Hi Guys

I have not played WoW for many years now, but back in the day I was a member of high level raiding guild for a while, this was at the time of BC when the game was still hard.

I never bought Cataclysm or Mists, so I suppose I stopped playing after that WoTLK expansion. The game engine is tired and I am sick of the game.

But every now and again Blizzard send me a 10 day pass so I log and usually play random heroic dungeons on my mage or now with Mists I have levelled a Monk to 40.

What I want to say is that I think that the people who inhabit WOW make for an an absolutely shocking game environment and it wouldn't matter what blizzard did in future there is absolutely no way I would play it.

Whenever I logon I think how long will it take before either I am abused or someone in the Party is abused, sure enough if anyone makes a mistake then look out you will be dammed until the cows come home, it is relentless.

If there is a wipe in an instance, well that party will just disband, after the abuse of course. Back in the BC it was common to wipe in an instance now it if happens well you are a goner.

What a shocking environment this game is, keep away.
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