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Subject:  Re: PA housekeeping Date:  12/13/2012  7:02 AM
Author:  patchdodd Number:  1844586 of 2210678

We're three generatiosn removed from the day when there was no forty hour work week, time and a half, paid vactions, or in fact all the things the current generation takes for granted. Those rights exist only because unions levered the plutocrats in to giving those benefits. I expect, in another generation, to see those rights all but disapear for average workers. Even now employers fire at will without any justification except in the few remaining union jobs.

40 hour work weeks were trending and codified long before federal statute in the '30s. Henry Ford did it decades earlier and he was a half century later than its origins.

More notably though, regardless of labor agitation, none of these rights were codified during periods when laws allowed for mandatory union membership as a condition of employment. The argument that RTW 'kills unions' is patently false, as the right to collectively bargain remains the law of the land under the NLRA. Unions and union agitation are going nowhere.

But carry on.
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