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Subject:  Re: Dead Dishwasher Date:  12/13/2012  8:05 AM
Author:  spl241 Number:  869538 of 902435


This may be heresy, but have you considered using disposable dishes for Christmas?

At the spl's, this isn't heresy. It's LAW, both at Christmas and at Thanksgiving. It's been this way for the last 5 years, and when we are the hosts (which is usually), the tradition of informality will continue. We have even been "heretical" enough to tear off strong paper towels and fold them into triangles for napkins.

Our informality law arose out of an extremely unfortunate incident. We have a beautiful large set of Limoge china which I inherited from my mother who, in turn, had inherited it from her mother. In 2007, we decided to "put on the dog" and used it for Thanksgiving. It was the first time we ever used it. My DB and DS were oohing and aahing as were other guests. But I think everybody felt some pressure to be super-careful, too. After dinner, my sister carried the large serving platter for the turkey to the kitchen and dropped it on our tiled kitchen floor. Shards of china and turkey were all over the place. She dissolved into tears and wasn't right the rest of the day. It threw a pall over what should have been a joyous festive get-together.

Unless you are willing and able to host future events, you don't harass the person hosting a holiday event.

Absolutely. You've escaped cleaning your house, buying food, setting the table, worrying about things with different cooking times being done in sync, etc. etc.
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