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Subject:  Re: Rewarding bad behavior... Date:  12/13/2012  8:49 AM
Author:  tim443 Number:  411178 of 535141

If the Fed were going to announce something that would be beneficial (long term), the Fed should have said "we will stop buying Treasurys on June 1, 2013, unless before then the Congress can come up with a fiscal deal that will balance the budget within 10 years."

stylish dog

You just gave me a brilliant idea!!!!

If y'all want to use a bit of "behavioral psychology" to really crank up the economy short term (six months) as well as balance the budget "within 10 years" announce that there is going to be a 5% national sales tax beginning 1 July 2013. Y'all might even consider allowing states to piggyback on it and you could call it the "Harmonized Sales Tax" or HST.

People will use the threat to run around buying all sorts of stuff to "get ahead of the tax" and once it is actually implemented they will forget that bit and keep on spending anyway. Meanwhile the new revenue will really help out both the Feds and the states to "balance the budget within 10 years".

Surprised nobody else has thought of it? }};-D

Any <if they need details have them call me> mouse
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