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Subject:  Re: I'm on the anti-thug side Date:  12/13/2012  9:30 AM
Author:  proton500 Number:  1844604 of 2211429

low.../For better or for worse, you will be seeing what you seem to desire I expect. There will be violence. Though I personally hope not, I can not see how with what we have in the WH and people like you that it is remotely avoidable and we as a society see people like you in OWN, and in Wisconsin and in Michigan and know there will be a time when defense is unavoidable. It is a shame there are people like you, but folks will defend themselves from bullies and punks.

You in favor of political abuse of power? Fine. When liberals spoke up about Bush budgets running the debt through the roof we were accused of being traitors who were risking the lives of our brave fighting men and women by depriving them of necessary food and ammunition. But when wingnuts throw their tantrums over the debt they created we liberals are supposed to believe they have the best interests of our country at heart.

President Obama, under the war powers act, should declare republicans enemies of the state and have the FBI round every last republican holding office in the country and ship them off to the same detention camps the nisei Japanese were held in. When the wars the wingnuts started but don't want to fund are over, then they could apply for clemency.

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