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Subject:  Re: Good Grief! A Saddle On A Dinosaur? Date:  12/13/2012  9:41 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  414659 of 507841

Unfortunately, people are subject to confirmation bias.
It is no secret that the human mind has been positively influenced through the years to seek affirmation to belief while ignoring evidenced to the contrary. Even Darwin admitted to such difficulty of reason.
A billboard would only incite a backlash. After all, what could you say that would be taken as anything but balderdash by the opposition?

Of course. You will never convince the truly committed to reverse their opinions, you might as well try to get Pat Robertson to say "Gay marriage is a good idea."

You can, however, influence some of the next levels down to soften their opposition, and the levels below that to soften even further, and those in the middle to not care, and those leaning to begin supporting.

You don't increase Coke sales by convincing die-hard Pepsi drinkers to change, you do it by attacking the less committed groups and moving them to your position. Since I've already brought up gay marriage, we have seen a sea change in acceptance in just the past 10 years. It has been most notable among the young, who aren't burdened with the peer pressure their parents are (through church, society, history.) As those people grow through the system they will replace the older, committed, who die off, and eventually there will be hardly any stigma at all.

(That, obviously, is what the Right wingers are terrified of, which is why they seek to codify the prohibition in State Constitutions, etc., to make sure that the proscription outlives even them.)

Putting up a billboard proclaiming "The Museum of Ignorance" wouldn't change the mind of a bible-thumping mama in the car on the way. It might raise a question in the mind of the 10 year old in the back seat. It would start the process of putting another thought in the head of the less committed. It would spark outrage and conversation, news columns and condemnation - all the same things that eventually ended slavery, brought women the right to vote, and so on.

Repblicans are masters at changing the conversation. (See: 'liberal media'. Heck, just see 'liberal.') You do it by forcing the discussion where you want it to go, on your own terms, and you don't expect to change someone's mind tomorrow. Possibly ever. You hope for collateral damage, and that's an achievable goal.

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