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Subject:  Re: Good Grief! A Saddle On A Dinosaur? Date:  12/13/2012  10:21 AM
Author:  Beridian Number:  414661 of 507741

Putting up a billboard proclaiming "The Museum of Ignorance" wouldn't change the mind of a bible-thumping mama in the car on the way. It might raise a question in the mind of the 10 year old in the back seat.

Like I have long contended, there is little hope of changing the older people, but young people can be vaccinated against the religious brain virus with a small dose of reason.

Last night I was having a conversation with my 13 year old son (his mom is a fundy Christian). The subject of the bible and Genesis came up. He is a bright kid who knows some science. I asked which came first, the sun or the earth? He knew it was the sun. I pointed out that according to Genesis god made the earth first.

I then asked, if Noah gathered two of every species, and if the Ark landed on Mt. Ararat in Turkey, why do we only find Kangaroos in Australia? We do not even find Kangaroo fossils in Turkey or along the land migration path that Kangaroos would have taken to reach Australia from Turkey. Not to mention how did the Roos swim the Indian Ocean from the main land to Australia? What about the bible claiming that this all happened in the past 6000 years or so?

This got the kid thinking. That's all that's needed with the young. Reason and curiosity will take over from here.
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