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Subject:  Re: OT: Public sides with Obama on fiscal talks Date:  12/13/2012  11:03 AM
Author:  MDGluon Number:  414664 of 505481

Republicans are in the position of protecting the interests of 2% of the population while attacking the interests of the other 98% by insisting on entitlement destruction.

I find it interesting that the Republican Party through 30+ years of clever word smithing, unethical PR, and flat out lies has been able to turn T the word entitlement into a dirty word.

After all an entitlement is something we are owed and that we have paid into...I have paid 10.4% into it all my life...and yes it is that rate since your employer really does not pay the 6.2%; he just takes it out of your pay and counts it as part of your "benefits"..

I am entitled to that money which has come out of all my paychecks through my working life; unlike the wealthy who once they hit the magic $110,100 (what three days pay?) number they pay 0, yes ZERO. Pikers.

Same for Medicare.

And the programs are not going "broke", or going to go "bankrupt"; both are terms that in reality are not applicable since some amount of revenue will always be coming in and with actually very minor tweaks (not age though folks) are quite healthy.

After all how many programs or businesses can say they have reserves to fully fund their "business" and obligations for 25+ years...heck what companies today can state with honesty that they have the reserves to even pay the pensions of the employees? Hostess?

No, entitlements are something we have bought with our work and citizenship and paid for out of our earlier earnings as members of our society....not some word for lazy "brown" people and slackers who are a "drag" on our society and civilization.

The true slackers are the wealthy who refuse to pay taxes, buy politicians to protect their stolen wealth, and for some strange Orwellian double think seem to wish to divorce themselves from our communities and nation and feel "Entitiled" to special treatment legally, socially, and ethically.

Amazing the power of money to twist meanings; the reason that plutocratic great wealth is the true greatest enemy of Democracy.

I highly recommend reading Kevin Phillips book "Wealth and Democracy" to gain insight into this.

md (Words mean exactly what I want them to mean)
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