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Subject:  Re: Rewarding bad behavior... Date:  12/13/2012  11:28 AM
Author:  steve203 Number:  411187 of 539135

Has no one in Washington, D.C. ever even taken a single college-level course in behavioral psychology?

Suggesting psychology implies that the incentives and behaviors are not obvious to the bad actor. I propose that it is not psychology, but simple microeconomics. Someone profits from every dollar the government spends, and someone profits from every dollar of tax cuts. There is *no* consensus to cut spending, and there is *no* consensus to increase taxes, because either would hurt someone's profits. The current debate over the "fiscal cliff" should make that obvious as there is a constant din of whining how this spending cut or that tax increase will "kill the economy and destroy jobs". There is a national consensus, both by TPTB and the mob to continue $1T+ deficits to the end of time, because they all profit from it.

More accurately, the Fed has turned the entire political class into a neurotic/psychotic entity exhibiting symptoms of "Münchausen syndrome by proxy

Workers have been used as pawns as long as I can remember, but, again, the actions taken by government or TBTP are clear and calculated, not the result of psychosis.

The auto industry has responded to every government regulation, no matter how trivial, for 40 years with wails of "it will destroy the industry and put tens of thousands of people out of work". Recently, a business owner publicly stated he would lay employees off if his favored candidate lost, and he carried through on his threat.

Irresponsible, unfunded, tax cuts are sold as "creating jobs". Wasteful, porkbarrel projects are sold as "creating jobs". Any sort of responsible action is criticized as "destroying jobs".

This is all propaganda, disseminated by wildly self interested parties. The only cure is to give all 300M USians a knife, lock them all in a room, and when the backstabbing is done, and there is only one person left, there will be a consensus...and it will be that that one person gets all the government handouts, and pays no tax.

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