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Subject:  Re: split residency Date:  12/13/2012  11:42 AM
Author:  inparadise Number:  8002 of 8484

You will live there full time while your kid attends high school back in PA. Do you really want to be separated from your family?

LOL. Depends on the day. Youngest won no prizes this morning. ;-)

I LOVE our place in VA and am very anxious to move there. I am also there a considerable amount of time working on the place, and this would give me a good opportunity to do so. I already feel as though I have moved there in spirit, and have a stronger network of friends there than here. However, as I have already posted in this thread, this exploration is probably more of an intellectual one because I don't see being separated from DH that much. Particularly with the revelation that we can change school residency status after moving, moving down prior to graduation gets us reduced tuition for only one year rather than 4. Don't know that is worth it, particularly given the extra stress it would put on DH.

We have made a commitment to paying in full for our kids' undergrad degree, at the same time trying to get DH retired as young as possible before he has a heart attack at his desk. The man does not understand moderation and will not stop working until the day he quits. If being separated from them for a year, other than periodic visits home...every weekend if need be, gets us to that retirement earlier, then yes. Truthfully, we don't share many waking hours now during the week with my living here full time, and we are very much looking forward to the years we can spend having fun together.

I would much rather see him fishing, kayaking, and hiking than tied to his computer, particularly since I would get to do it with him.

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