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Subject:  Texas Tea Party: Deport Muslim Imams now! Date:  12/13/2012  1:37 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1844706 of 2210267

Nope. Not Texas. Once again it's racist Europe. Racist France, of course.

Those putz militant secularists who can't come to grips with their pitiful identity that is now a vestige of history, but not the future.

"Seeking to preserve its secular nature, the French government has enacted a new policy to deport foreign-born imams and disband faith-based groups if they are found to suffer “religious pathology”."


Lol...this is a good policy. It'll anger Muslims in France even more...and that is a healthy thing because when Muslims get angry, they write lots of letters to the editor.

Hopefully Muslims in France will be wise to "integration efforts" by France. On one hand, France PRETENDS to be hospitable to newbies. But on the other hand, they want to deport people just for religion.

Don't integrate my friends. Don't assimilate.

Keep your proud culture and history first and foremost. Resist their seductive efforts to indoctrinate your kids into their decadence. Keep your birth rates high, while theirs stay fruitless.

Eventually from France to UK to Russia, you will prevail. I wish I could help you.

(PA Lib racists who sympathize with France, but not America where it comes to immigration. No matter what you hurl at me, your Euro buddies are now going to get it. They know it too, as evidence by their pitiful hijab bans and deportation efforts).

The people they are oppressing in France will not succumb. They will face the pale specter of death, and merely laugh. This time, Europe will NOT dominate them as Europe did their Fathers and Grandfaters.

Again Libs, Jedi got nothing to do with this :)

Obama 2012

Hollande 2012

Jedi, proud to offer certain people access to free immigration counsel since 2005, due to lessons learned on PA.
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