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Subject:  Why Crowder won't file charges Date:  12/13/2012  1:45 PM
Author:  Hochizen Number:  1844710 of 2211012

He just admitted he and other Rapeublicans were pushing people around.

He claimed he was trying to "protect" the tent.

A friend of mine was there. He didn't see the Crowder assault, but he DID talk to the guy who punched Crowder.....the guy (by the way, he is much older than Crowder) told my friend Crowder has pushed him to the ground, he got up and punched Crowder.

By the friend was set up as security to try to keep folks separated.....ya know, when you have demonstrations and counter demonstrations, that is generally considered a good idea.

The Rapeublicans kept leaving their "zone", going into the crowd to try to provoke them. When Crowder shoved someone to the ground, he finally got the response he wanted.

He had no info on how the tent fell....but he DID help people get out of the tent, and he said the reason the tent was cut was because it was vinyl, and he and others were worried people in the tent might suffocate. Yes, it was union people that cut the tent...along with the right they could get people out once it fell.

Sooooo......we have an example of someone who was pushed to the ground punching his attacker. Technically, both are guilty of battery. Crowder isn't going to do anything about this because he is more guilty than the old guy he pushed to the ground.

As an aside.....I got suckered by Snyder when I voted for him. Had he been even remotely honest in his campaign, I never would have voted for him. Live and learn....Rapeublicans are a dishonest breed by nature, and while I am not a Democrat anymore, I just can't see trusting Republican promises ever again. Happily, I think there are quite a few people like me here in Michigan, and the teabaggers days are numbered.
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