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Subject:  Re: 53% of Americans blame both sides Date:  12/13/2012  1:51 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1844711 of 2207795

Both sides are to blame.

One side needs to realize that the pursuit of profit, the pursuit of riches is an imperfect system, yet one of the best methods in human history of creating wealth in a large land filled with diverse peoples. Pursuit of such riches is a rising tide that lifts many boats. Yes there's an ugly side to this....Ken Lay, etc....but Ken lay represents "the rich" and "big business" about as much as Mohammed Attah represents all of Islam.

The other side needs to realize that capitalism in America was a success due to BUILDING VALUE, not by repeatedly trying to stick it to the working man in order to bump earnings-per-share for the quarter. America's great capitalists did have more affinity and respect for their employees than many ivy-league-putz-mba-business titans today do.

One side needs to realize that government is NOT the solution to most things. In a free nation, government should NOT in a mass-market way intervene in basic family responsiblities....such as packing a child's lunch.

The other side should realize that GOOD GOVERNMENT is needed in a civilized society. This gov't sees to it that our roads and bridges are good, our meat and fruits are safe, and that over-zealous capitalists can't pollute our water and air.

ONe side needs to realize that giving people eternal welfare strips them of ability to fish for themselves.

The other side should admit that a temporary safety net for ALL of us, is in our best interest and that any attempt to destroy it should be met with stiff resistance.

One side should realize that a total, militant march away from some societal and cultural norms has harmed the nation socially, and therefore economically.

The other side should learn that you can't legislate morality, nor can you shove bibles in every kid's hand and magically fix problems.

This list can be expanded to fill volumes.

Blue it California or Detroit............SUCKS.

Red monopolies, be it Alabama or Mississippi,,,,,,,,,,,,,SUCKS.

Purple is America's way back.

But, the sheeple will never get it.

So I now return you to yourt regular Hannity-Maddow-Koz-RedState-FOX-MSNBC politics. Where you fight each other like tribals while your Ruling Class sells of even more of your country out from under you.

JediG, a moment of what I really think.
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