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Subject:  snatch defeat from the jaws of ... Date:  12/13/2012  2:48 PM
Author:  steve203 Number:  411220 of 536990


We have auto sales doing well, real estate perking up, consumer confidence up. So what to do? And who would be the front guy to do it?

Consumers feeling fear of fiscal cliff
By Jim Cramer

Was Wednesday the day when it dawned on people that without a deal, consumers could be in real trouble? Was it the day when it hit the market that the regular guy is concerned?
They know...that something bad is going to happen, and they know it might be something bad happening to them.

So that's who pulls back.

So what happens if you make the mob, the forever go to guy to use as a pawn to push your agenda, nervous, in the face of positive economic data? Why, he stops spending, and turns recovery into recession. Then the cries go out "we need more tax cuts", "we need more government spending", and, of course, "we need more stimulus from the Fed" all voiced by the special interests, looking to profit.

Atta boy Jimbo! Tell the mob to be frightened. Create a recession out of thin air to push the agenda of your paymasters. More deficits. Pile deficits to the sky. It benefits your paymasters.

Steve...think I'll go watch a movie of stuff being blown up
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