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Subject:  OT: Boehner's gambit, and how to answer Date:  12/13/2012  4:12 PM
Author:  n8larson Number:  414695 of 457254

John Boehner continues to deride Obama about "getting serious" about spending cuts, and now wants Obama to tell HIM what spending cuts should be made. This, after the initial proposal from the Republican House failed to name any specific spending cuts.

Part 1: Boehner is saying, in effect, that Obama needs to name the people HE'd fire, so Boehner can attack that, instead of Boehner offering his own specific solutions. Because we know that the spending cuts Boehner has in mind would affect the middle class and the poor substantially more, if not exclusively.

The answer: Don't blink, Mr. President! Don't fall for it.

Parts 2-50: Increasing revenue is NOT just about closing the budget gap. It's absolutely crucial to reverse the disastrous policy of feeding the wealthy and the high-earners at the expense of everyone else, and admit that the guiding premise of that policy, that the wealthy will spend enough and hire enough to grow the economy (trickle-down/supply-side), is at best completely mistaken, and at worst an unmitigated lie, but absolutely wrong either way. In effect, taking BACK the trillions given to the so-called job creators is a way to say, "we gave you all this money