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Subject:  Re: Why Crowder won't file charges Date:  12/13/2012  4:40 PM
Author:  Hochizen Number:  1844772 of 2207766

"However, the union crowd were good Samaritans, just trying to help out those in the tent because it collapsed innocently? Please, that is so far beyond anything a sane person could believe it is really rather scary. "

Never said I knew how the tent collapsed. Neither did my friend....who as a long time union man was given the task of keeping the hot headed union people AWAY from the tent and the right wingers. He also helped people get out of the tent, and there were plenty of union people who did that as well....and I fully believe him when he said they cut the tent to get people out. I also believe him when he said that Crowder regularly left the area to try to tick people off.

Did union people collapse the tent? I would guess they probably did....but I don't know for sure, and given what appears to me to show by a preponderance of the evidence at least, that Crowder pushed an old guy to the ground....well, if they wanted a story, they sure could get one by collapsing the tent themselves.

Crazy? I would say pushing an old guy down to get a violent reaction is kind of crazy...but then again, some of the right wingers were packing guns, so maybe they felt secure.
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