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Subject:  Re: Why Crowder won't file charges Date:  12/13/2012  5:05 PM
Author:  Hochizen Number:  1844781 of 2016473

"Then the camera guy gets knocked around from 1:33 and 1:34. At 1:35 you see Crowder's hands come up and the field of view drops down to where the union guy ended up on the ground.

The video DOES NOT SHOW Crowder pushing him there. And even if SC DID push him down, we don't know why."

Consider....why were Crowder's hands coming up, in a "oh I am not fighting anyone pose?" If someone falls in front of you, or is falling....what do you naturally, instinctively do?

You reach out to catch them, to steady don't recoil back. Also note that just before the camera panned away, Crowder reaches forward with his right hand seeming to pat the guy on the shoulder.

Now, also take into consideration Crowder's CYA statement that he and others didn't engage in violence but they DID "push" people to keep them away from the