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Subject:  Re: Christianity collapsing in the UK! Date:  12/13/2012  10:49 PM
Author:  sykesix Number:  414722 of 508494

"Also, I should point out that many of the extremists are university graduates. Mohammed Atta attended universities in Cairo and Germany. Again, I concede 1 data point does not determine a trend, and there may be reporting biases. But somehow these bright folks (at least some of them) can get university educations and still turn radical. Seems to be something about Islam, or being raised in an Islamic society."

Maybe it's not just about Islam?

It is about religion in general. The only reason we support Israel to the extent we do is because the fundies think that the gathering of the tribes is a prerequisite to the second coming of Jesus. No Israel, no Jesus. So we support Israel financially and militarily far greater than any other country, even thought they do things we would never tolerate if another country did them. The people affected by this do exactly what you would expect, they retaliate against it. Note, I didn't say that makes their actions justified. I said it is what you would expect. So we get exactly what we should expect.

The solution is dead simple. Just treat Israel the same as any other country. We do that, and all these problems go away by themselves.

If you agree with this post, don't bother to rec it. Instead tell your next door neighbor you are an atheist. If enough people admit to being atheists, this stupid crap stops happening. Can't happen soon enough.
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