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Subject:  Re: more carpentry advice :-) Date:  12/14/2012  12:59 AM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  123339 of 137320

I could install the furring strips, as planned. Make sure they are 3" strips (of which about 3/4" would be covered by the plywood bulkhead, leaving about an inch (and an 1/8th) on either side.

I'm not quite following what you're describing.

Lets start with what you're looking to build - are they 8' tall cabinets? ie. from the floor to near the ceiling?
Or are these more like kitchen cabinets? That there are upper cabinets that are only attached to the wall?

The furring strips you're planning on - how thick are they, and why are you putting them up? (I think maybe you're describing 8' tall, 3/4" thick, and 3" wide, with the vertical walls of the cabinets resting against each strip.

Sort of anti-tipping ties, except they really are additional mounts.
Are they really supporting the load of the cabinet?
If you're really supporting the load of the cabinet by the wall, I'd consider using a construction adhesive to glue it to the wall, as well as masonry screws/bolts. Construction adhesive (ex. PL400 or LiquidNails) can provide a lot of holding power.

The one caveat with using something like that is that I would make sure that whatever you're gluing in place is something you want to stay there - because removing it would be a PITA.

At least if it were me, I'd rather put a bead or two of PL400 on, rather than drill twice as many holes.
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